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Tom Kane, PT
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How Are RAC Audits and IRS Audits Similar?
6/7/2011 5:52:00 PM
Have you ever been the subject of an IRS Audit?  If you have, then you should do well in a RAC Audit.  RAC Audits and IRS Audits share many traits:
  1. Both audits are based upon clearly defined standards that are open to interpretation.
  2. Both audits are examples of government overreaching.
  3. Both audits have the goal of extracting money from you. 
  4. Both audits cause anxiety to those that are being audited.
There are other similar characteristics to RAC and IRS Audits, but the above examples are sufficient for our purposes.  Fortunately, preventing a RAC audit is much easier than preventing an IRS audit.  Preventing a RAC Audit is partially accomplished by providing the following:
  1. Using the disability/functional model instead of the impairment model to establish the medical necessity of intervention.
  2. Using pre-established functional measurements (outcome questionnaires and testing like the Tinneti, 6 minute walk, etc.) to measure functional deficits and record improvement.
  3. Proper coding of interventions.
If these three components are properly managed, the data mining that precedes a RAC auditors'' records request can be prevented.  Why?  RACs are only paid when they obtain a refund from you.  If you have satisfied the above requirements, the RACs prefer to move on and seek easier prey.  RACs are looking for the fast and easy money that can be obtained from those that violate the measures outlined above.  All the tools to prevent you from being the taget of a RAC Audit are contained in MediGraph?  Are you employing the software to protect yourself from the RAC predators?   If not, start today.  If I can be of assistance while your are transitioning to becoming RAC Medicare compliant, do not hesitate to contact me.
Best regards,
Tom Kane, PT
MediGraph Software