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Tom Kane, PT
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New Medicare Enrollment Requirements
8/12/2011 5:53:00 PM

The April 1, 2011 post on this blog presented a preview of things to come from Medicare.  That post addressed the prospect of unannounced on site visits from Medicare.  Final rules regarding eligible enrollment of PT have been established by CMS. 

Physical therapists that were enrolled in the Medicare prior to March 25, 2011 must revalidate their enrollment as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA, commonly referred to as Obamacare). Part of the reason for this new enrollment is the classification of the new risk (fraud) screening criteria.  As was addressed in the aforementioned April 1, 20111 blog post, PT has been assigned to the Moderate risk category for fraud. The risk categories (low, moderate, high) determine the degree of screening that will be performed by MACs (Medicare Administrative Contractors).  As stated in the April posting, the moderate risk classification means that PTs are subject to unannounced on site inspections from Medicare Administrative Contractors.   

Starting from today through March 2013, MACs will be notifying practitioners of the need to re-enroll in Medicare.   CMS has advised providers to begin the revalidation process as soon as they hear from their MACs.  You only have 60 days from the date of the letter to submit complete enrollment forms. Failure to submit the enrollment forms as requested may result in the deactivation of your Medicare billing privileges. 


Tom Kane,  PT