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Physical therapy is changing rapidly. As a PT with more than thirty years of experience, the changes observed in the last ten years triple those of the first twenty years. The pace of change is not slowing down. The Medigraph Blog will serve as a forum that will enable us to exchange ideas and assist each other. This blog will be used to share billing, documentation, and any other ideas to improve any aspects of our profession. If we share what we have learned, we can develop a resource that enables our collective understanding to advance our careers.

As profit margins grow smaller and expenses grow larger, we need to assist each other to survive and prosper. If we share our experiences we can help each other to grow professionally, administratively, and financially. Our professional lives, our livelihood, and our personal lives are intertwined. Our resources individually are limited. Together we can accomplish more than we can individually. Let's help each other


Tom Kane, PT
MediGraph Software

Money Down the Drain
11/1/2011 11:53:00 AM
If I asked you to take your wallet, remove11% of the cash and flush it down the drain, would you comply with my request?  Why not?  If you are not employing the MediGraph Visit Reminder the end result is the same (probably worse).  Our data collection shows that the average facility that employs the Visit Reminder service has reduced missed appointments by 11%, which can alter your bottom line significantly:
Visits scheduled per week:                  80
Normal cancellation rate:                    15.3%                                                                     
Cancellations afhte Visit Reminder:        4.2%                                                               
Total visits gained per week:                 8.88 visits
Fees per visit                                      $80                                                                       
Revenue gained per week                    $710.40  ($80 x 8.88 visits = $710.40)
Revenue gained per year                      $36,940  ($710.40 x 52 = $36,940)
At $.15 (fifteen cents) per call, the MediGraph Visit Reminder is the most cost effective solution to increase patient vists.  To Find out more, call Dave Naples at ext. 211, or call me at ext. 210. 
Tom Kane, PT
MediGraph Software