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Physical therapy is changing rapidly. As a PT with more than thirty years of experience, the changes observed in the last ten years triple those of the first twenty years. The pace of change is not slowing down. The Medigraph Blog will serve as a forum that will enable us to exchange ideas and assist each other. This blog will be used to share billing, documentation, and any other ideas to improve any aspects of our profession. If we share what we have learned, we can develop a resource that enables our collective understanding to advance our careers.

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RACs and PT New Announcement
11/16/2011 9:51:00 PM
In its 2012 Work Plan, OIG published a new issue examining whether admissions to inpatient rehabilitation facilities are appropriate. “Patients must undergo preadmission screening and evaluation to ensure that they are appropriate candidates for IRF care,”  as stated by the OIG in its Work Plan.  Connolly plans to evaluate documentation in patient records to ensure that patients:
  • Meet  active and ongoing therapeutic intervention standards, one of which has to be physical therapy or occupational therapy;
  • Require intensive rehabilitation therapy
  • At admission to the IRF must reasonably be expected to be actively participating to significantly benefit from the intensive intervention.
  • Require rehabilitation physicians to conduct visits with patients at least three days per week during their stay in the IMF.
  • Need intensive and coordinated interdisciplinary approach to providing rehabilitation.

For those in patient facilities that employ MediGraph, we continue to implore you to nuse the functional loss documentation as previously discussed, including outcome questionnaires and functional measurements that are the result of measured impairments.  Obviously, functional documentation standards apply to outpatient facilities as well.  As always, if there are any questions regarding the best way to use MediGraph to satisfy Medicare and the RACs, please call me.


Tom Kane, PT

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