Built by Therapists, for Therapists

MediGraph was developed by an active Physical Therapy practice in order to make objective research accessible and practical for daily use in the clinic.  We built this software for ourselves, and we use it every day in our own practice.  Medigraph is the product of many years of development and refinement.  Allowsing it's subscribers the finest medical research to evaluate and treat its patients, Medigraph is ever-evolving, based on industry and professional needs.  We are here for you every step of the way.

Founded in 1999, Medigraph currently serves several thousand customers.

The MediGraph Team

Thomas A. Kane

LPT. Tom Kane has been a licensed Physical Therapist for more than 26 years. His clinical experience includes employment as staff member and as director in hospital, home health, and private practice environments. He currently is in private practice. Tom is one of the co-founders of MediGraph, Inc. Tom is a direct clinical contact support person for the software.

Thomas Kane was the first person to use MediGraph. He still uses it today.

Stanley J. Ladzensky

MS, LPT, CSCS. Stan Ladzensky is a clinical contributor to MediGraph Inc. Stan has more than 27 years of clinical experience in various practice environments as both a staff physical therapist, and as a director of physical therapy.

Paul Willcox

BS, Computer Science. Paul Willcox is the Director of Programming, and the on premise supervisor of Tech Support Services for MediGraph Inc. His development, implementation, and supervision of MediGraph Software products provides a practical expertise rarely found in a technical support department. Paul is a direct point of contact for technical inquiries.

Ben Yanis

BS, Computer Engineering. Ben Yanis is the Director of IT for MediGraph, Inc. His expertise in this area has allowed the integration of medical content and technology. Ben is also a direct contact person for advanced support. As one of the developers of the technical platform upon which MediGraph Software products are based, his accessibility to respond to technical inquires is unparalleled in this industry. Your technical questions will be answered directly by the development team. Ben is one of the co-founders of MediGraph Inc.

David Naples

Dave is MediGraph's Director of Customer Relations which includes subscriber education and support.  Dave and his staff provide the personal support to seamlessly integrate your transition to MediGraph practice management.

Jane Elliott

Jane is the institutional coordinator and serve as the company liaison to institutional users including extended care facilities and community hospitals.