An Industry Leading Physical Therapy Billing Service Is Now Available!

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Whether you are currently conducting your billing in-house or you are using an outsourced billing company, MediGraph understands that having an efficient billing solution is one of the most important components of your practice. As a result and due to the rising complexity of getting paid for your services, we did our homework by interviewing over 20 different medical billing companies in order to identify and share who we believe to be the #1 Physical & Occupational Therapy dedicated billing company in the industry – StrataPT.


What does their billing service offer?

  • No Start-Up Fees & No Long-Term Contracts
  • A patient benefit verification service performed by courteous staff and not just software
  • Functional Limitation Reporting Submission
  • PQRS Reporting Submission
  • Insurance credentialing application completion and follow-up
  • Accounts receivable follow up to ensure maximum payment
  • Creation and mailing of monthly patient invoices
  • Electronic Payments into your bank account (EDI, ERA & EFT Setup)
  • A dedicated Billing Account Manager
  • Daily claim submission to all payers
  • Claim scrubbing to prevent costly denials
  • Appeal, Rejection and Denial Management
  • A simple and secure billing platform to ensure HIPAA compliance and efficient communication
  • Customizable reports available 24/7 to provide complete transparency
  • Affordable percentage pricing to ensure that you get paid first