MediGraph Features

Physical Therapy Documentation Software Clinical Documentation
Physical Therapy Billing Software Integrated Electronic Billing
Physical Therapy Scheduling Software Patient Scheduling
Functional Capacity Evaluation Software Functional Capacity Evaluations
Gait Screening Software Gait Screening
Appointment Reminder Automated Appointment Reminders
Fax & Document Management Integrated Fax & Document Management

I just received your initial evaluation and just want to tell you that this is one of the best, if not the best, reports that I've received from a PT facility.

Supervising RN, Workers' Comp

MediGraph FCE

The MediGraph FCE is an objective, peer reviewed, published procedure that determines individual work capacity. Utilizing objective standards that were established in the journals Spine and The Clinical Journal of Pain eliminates uncertainty and liability concerns. The MediGraph FCE delivers strong predictive validity, producing reports at the ‘click’ of a button.

The MediGraph FCE Advantages

  • Easy to perform
  • Objective, published standards eliminate guessing and estimatesProactively prevent legal challenges
  • Sincerity of effort and quantatative capable
  • Peer-Reviewed for both validity and reliability
  • Self-contained reports are computer scored and generated in the physical therapy software
  • Cost efficient.In most cases, no further equipment to purchase
  • Minimal cost to perform/ high return on investmnent

MediGraph's FCE certification

  • Home Study course offering clinical structure and academic background
  • Cost effective: eliminate travel fees and inflated costs
  • FCE Certification within hours, not weeks
  • Registration in the MediGraph Directory of Certified RFC-DOT providers

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To schedule an online, interactive demonstration of Medigraph Physical Therapy Software FCE, contact us at: (302) 479-0178