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Physical Therapy Billing Software Integrated Electronic Billing
Physical Therapy Scheduling Software Patient Scheduling
Functional Capacity Evaluation Software Functional Capacity Evaluations
Gait Screening Software Gait Screening
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I just received your initial evaluation and just want to tell you that this is one of the best, if not the best, reports that I've received from a PT facility.

Supervising RN, Workers' Comp

Gait Screening

The evaluation and treatment of gait and balance deficiencies provide a valuable addition to all physical therapy facilities.   Demographic changes create an unlimited number of people that will benefit from this service as 90 million baby boomers transition during the next two decades.   The gait assessment module includes:

     1.  Standardized, peer reviewed performance testing.

     2.  Impairment evaluations testing (strength, endurance, and balance).

     3.  Intervention.  

     4.  Unlimited revenue opportunities

     5.  No expensive equipment to purchase

MediGraph Physical Therapy Software’s gait screening application removes the guessing.  Medicare and private insurers receive objective data to justify intervention.  Concise reports employ bar graphs and tables to reveal deficiencies and improvements for adjusters and physicians.  Therapists experience a high level of satisfaction knowing they prevented falls in the elderly and from the increased revenue generated by this valuable service.