MediGraph Features

Physical Therapy Documentation Software Clinical Documentation
Physical Therapy Billing Software Integrated Electronic Billing
Physical Therapy Scheduling Software Patient Scheduling
Functional Capacity Evaluation Software Functional Capacity Evaluations
Gait Screening Software Gait Screening
Appointment Reminder Automated Appointment Reminders
Fax & Document Management Integrated Fax & Document Management

I just received your initial evaluation and just want to tell you that this is one of the best, if not the best, reports that I've received from a PT facility.

Supervising RN, Workers' Comp

Connect with your Patients

The best way to reduce missed visits is to remind your patients.  Now it's easy and cost-effective to connect with each and every patient.

MediGraph offers a convenient feature that allows you to automatically phone, text message, or email your patients whenever they have an upcoming appointment.  Custom imaging makes the entire experience seamless.

Flexible options include custom script and your choice of speaking voice.  No hardware to buy.  Nothing to setup or maintain.